Premarital Counseling

A lot of young people spend a minimum of 16 years to 18 years preparing for their career not minding preparing for marriage which could either make or mar their career and other related of their lives if overlooked.
In the USA the national divorce rate is around 50%.  In Nigeria, the rate is getting close to that of U.S.A. So you need an edge.

Sure Hope counselling Clinic can help prepare you for a marriage that will last!

  • Pre-marriage Counselling: Are you feeling you need to know more about marriage, are you sure your perception about marriage is correct, do you know 90% of important things that can make your marriage stand the test of time? Sure Hope Counselling Clinic can help!
  • Pre-Marriage Mentoring: It is the step that is very wise to take, are you afraid you may get the steps wrong, it is ok. Your Pre-marriage period is ready to be fun with Sure Hope Counselling Clinic mentoring your pre-marriage with our tested and proven pre-marital mentoring strategies and guide.
  1. Know about Pre-marriage Mentoring
  2. Know about what to get for your home.
  3. Know about factors that make a good marriage.

The aim of pre-marital therapy package is to help single in:

  • Understanding their partner in other to build synergy in marriage
  • In-law-management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional management
  • How to have a fulfilling courtship and marriage
  • Making an informed marital decision

Beneficiaries of this Service

Marriageable single
Religious leaders
Intending couple

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