Pre-Teens and Teens Counseling

The teenage period is very important and natural, therefore do not despair. You only need to learn about it more and adjust as a teenager or parent.

As teenager develops tendencies to break away from their parents, the emotional separation allows them to become well-adjusted and well-balanced adults.

Do you want your teenager to have an identity and good self-esteem? Is it important you give them a breathing space in order to establish their identity and place in the world?

Are you afraid your teenager does not know how to make wise decisions

Here you can do a lot to make your teenager come out better in life, by meeting their friends, decide the rules and their discipline in advance. Be a role model to them, feel the guilt when they wrong people, teach them how to handle dangerous and unsafe situations.

You can get all these and much more insight at our counseling sessions at Sure Hope Counseling Clinic.

This package empowers Pre-Teens and Teen with the right information on:

  1. Puberty and Sexuality Management
  2. Choice making e.g Friendship, Career choice, etc.
  3. Learning Strategies
  4. The holocaust of social vices such as cultism, drug abuse, rape, etc.
  5. Other challenges of Teen such as:

Poor self-image & personality
Mood swing

Beneficiaries of this Service

School Instructors
Religious Instructors & Leaders

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